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Is Yelp A Social Media Platform?

Posted by Digital Standout

These days a growing sector of society Yelps about their favorite restaurants, dentists and doctors. They also use Yelp to complain about services. What exactly is this platform and how can it benefit your business? The site allows you to spread the word about your company and connect with your target market through your profile, pictures, reviews and advertising. Essentially, it's a deep resource on local business information that helps businesses improve and customers find what they want. 

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How Yelp Marketing Agencies Benefit Your Business

Posted by Digital Standout

One of the most valuable online resources for consumers searching for local businesses is Yelp. It's also an effective tool for marketing agencies to manage online web presences for their clients. Not only does the site provide comprehensive business listings for specific cities and towns, it gives users customer reviews, which can help the public make decisions for visiting establishments. Here are ways that you can use Yelp to promote your business. 

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Need Some Yelp? Introducing Our Latest Partnership!

Posted by Digital Standout

We’re excited to announce that Digital Standout is a Yelp Ads Certified Partner. We’re now able to support and manage Yelp Ads campaigns for all of our clients - both large and small.

Keep reading to find out why you should pay attention to your business’ Yelp pages and where you can learn more about Yelp.

Why is Yelp Important?

Yelp is a transactional platform consumers visit when they’re looking to purchase from a local business.

In the U.S., Yelp has over 94.3M unique visitors on desktop and mobile and is the 20th most-visited internet property for desktop and mobile combined.

According to Nielsen, consumers rank Yelp as the #1 review site for finding local businesses and 79% of consumers make a purchase within a week
after visiting Yelp.

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Topics: Advertising, Lead Generation, Yelp

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