An Effective Website Can Boost Online Traffic Conversion

Posted by Digital Standout on Dec 8, 2015 10:10:29 AM
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A Good WebsiteWho can dispute the importance an effective website has on the success of your business? Your website is an important investment by your company.

It is important for your website to bring in new customers and increase your online traffic conversion.

Business owners are continually seeking ways to make their websites more appealing and effective. There are some key points that will increase the traffic to your website.

  • Effective headlines
  • Email marketing
  • Keywords
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Social media

Effective Headlines And Titles

Headlines and titles matter. Your website's headlines are like customers knocking on your door and you're answering it. Make sure your headlines are clear, specific and precise. The goal is to engage the customer and make them want to get more information about your business. Interesting titles and headlines will help define the content on your website.


Email Marketing

Don't underestimate your current customer base. Do you have a formidable email list? Use it to promote your services and bring traffic to your website.

online-traffic-email-marketing.jpgGive your customers a teasing one-liner and a link back to your website to make them want to see more. 



It's hard to stay relevant in today's competitive market. Single keywords are a thing of the past. The new buzz word for keywords is "long-tail".

Your keywords need to be identified, but don't just settle for single words. Phrases and terms related to your topic will bring in more visitors to your site. 


Make Sure You're Mobile

On what device do people use most for web searching? You're right, their mobile device! Millions of people use mobile phones to find local businesses. If you site is not mobile responsive, now is the time. It will help your website become more effective and drive customers to your business.


Social Media

Does your business have a Facebook page? Are you on Twitter? Instagram? Utilizing social media is a sure-fire way to increase your online traffic. Use attention-grabbing headlines and eye-catching images that will pique your viewer's interest and create a connection with them. With their interest piqued, you can bet they will click to find their way to your website!


There are many details that go into developing an effective website. When people use the web, they want their information quickly and they want it easy to read. Make sure your website is organized and clean. The purpose of your business should be clear, and formatted with headlines and sub-headings. Bullet points are great to use, as well as short sentences. An effective website will help with bringing more customers to your business . 

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