6 Effective Law Firm Internet Marketing Ideas

Posted by Digital Standout on Jun 8, 2016 9:00:00 AM
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law-firm-internet-marketing-local-seo.jpgLaw firms that cater to clients on a local level are in a strong position to enhance their business through information-sharing online strategies.

Since geo-locations make ideal keywords in search results and local directories such as Yelp - which are places where new clients can find your site - it makes sense to hire an experienced web team that understands law firm internet marketing ideas.


Promote Your Legal Services

In order to attract clients through search engines such as Google, you will need to develop a blog and various landing pages that comprise your firm's most relevant keywords. On your legal services page, each service can link to another page with deeper content. The more pages you have on your site that answer people's questions, the more Google will likely consider you to be a legal authority in your area.


Emphasize Types Of Court Cases

law-firm-internet-marketing-court-cases.jpegWhether your firm specializes in civil or criminal cases or both, you can attract visitors who enter the type of case in Google.

Since every city has a long list of attorneys, the way to stand out is to combine keywords in your page titles that emphasize your niche. Keywords such as "Pittsburgh asbestos cancer litigation attorneys" can generate higher search rankings than just "Pittsburgh attorneys." 


Provide Case Studies

The more your site contains research, the more visitors and search engines will regard it as an authoritative resource. Since many court cases can be accessed publicly, you can save target clients some time and a trip downtown by offering summaries of important cases within your specialty. Eventually they may contact you instead of another firm when they need your legal assistance.


Social Media Techniques

One of the best ways to convert leads to appointments is to have a web team that answers questions quickly about your firm through social media. The team can then refer prospects to you for legal advice should leads decide to set an appointment.

law-firm-internet-marketing-social-media-presence.jpgYour social media presence needs to offer fresh content on a daily basis in order to develop a following that generates conversions. Posting court cases from news publications can keep followers coming back to your profile and web pages.


Offer Client Testimonial Videos

Video is rapidly becoming a normal medium for businesses to promote themselves online. You can post videos on your site that feature interviews with your attorneys as well as testimonial videos of clients from successful cases. These days online testimonials, reviews and interviews captured on video go a long way in influencing consumers to find businesses they can trust and contact, even more so than traditional media advertising.


One of the most powerful online marketing concepts to remember is that people will keep showing interest in your site if you keep giving them interesting stories to read. Your law firm can greatly benefit from the help of expert online marketers. Spend time running your law practice and hire professionals to develop and maintain your marketing strategy.


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