Dental Marketing Ideas You Should Be Considering Now

Posted by Digital Standout on Apr 27, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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dental-marketing-ideas.jpgThe key to online lead generation is built on inbound marketing techniques, even for the dental industry.

Inbound marketing is the art and science of attracting online traffic based on your site's keywords and content that exhibits your expertise in a niche. Here are dental marketing ideas for you to develop a successful web presence that brings you endless new clients. 

Creating A Dental Resource Site

It's not a big secret as to what connects consumers with websites through search engines. You need a robust website full of informative content that your target audience seeks when they enter keywords in Google. You can't just rely on keywords like "dental" or "medical."dental-marketing-ideas-blogging.jpg

Specific comprehensive web pages about various aspects of dentistry are necessary to bring new prospects to your site. The more your site reflects a huge body of knowledge, the higher your rankings will likely be in search results.

One of the most effective forms of content is an authoritative blog, which is favored by search engines. Blogs allow you to express yourself in a personable down-to-earth fashion while defining your original content with useful tips and in-depth knowledge for dental prospects to research. Videos such as dentist interviews or patient testimonials add an impressive dimension to your content. 

Dental/Geography-Based SEO

Some of the keywords on your site besides all the different dental issues should reflect your geographic location. Since most dental offices rely on local business, it's helpful to use the names of your city, community and neighborhood as part of your keyword strategies.

dental-marketing-ideas-local-seo.pngIn addition to search engines, you can use local directories like Yelp to help catch the attention of residents in your immediate area. 

PPC Campaigns To Attract New Patients

While search engines make it possible to bypass traditional marketing costs, you can go a step further with your dental marketing ideas by using Google AdWords and other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platforms to gain more online visibility. These ads can be customized in several ways and provide a cost-efficient type of marketing in which you only pay when visitors click your targeted ads. Displaying your ads on relevant high traffic sites is another strategy that helps generate leads

Social Media Interaction 

A well crafted website full of valuable content serves as the hub of your online marketing, but you also need a user-friendly platform for easy engagement with followers. Social media has become an effective way to interact with both existing clients and new prospects in real-time. As one of the most essential dental marketing ideas, it's a form of customer service that allows visitors to get quick answers to their questions.


Taking the above into consideration, the sooner you respond to queries from email, social media, or phone calls, the more your chances increase for conversions. It's always recommended to stay up to date with the latest inbound marketing techniques, as this field is constantly evolving. However, if you begin to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information available, you can contact an inbound marketing agency and they can walk you through the entire process of setting up your inbound marketing plan.


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