Online Traffic Means Little When You’re Not Capturing Quality Leads

Posted by Digital Standout on Apr 6, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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online-traffic-website_leads.jpgOne of the main points to having a website is to attract new customers. If you are unable to attract online traffic, then it will be very difficult for the site to generate new leads. The solution is not get rid of the website when it's not working.

The solution is either learn about inbound marketing techniques or hire a firm that can do it for you. If your business isn't getting enough traffic from the web, chances are it needs deeper content and better SEO.

Create Quality Content

The best way for search engines to notice websites is to give them valuable content that cannot be found on other sites. Since you are an authority on your service, give users information they are looking for in your specialized field. They may only be looking for websites in your geographic area, which is why your location should be reflected in your keywords.online-traffic-content-marketing.jpg

A content marketing team can interview experts at your company and create unique content for your site. The more different types of media you offer, the better chance your site will attract online traffic.

A winning website has plenty of useful information to share, versus a deserted website that might only have five pages of bare minimum information. Your site should be a resource that answers patient questions quickly and it should keep growing over time. Here are some of the ways to enhance a site's SEO:

  • Use keywords properly

  • Remove duplicate content

  • Verify local listings in Google My Places and Yelp

  • Keep contact information in obvious places

  • Write for searchers, not search engines

  • Make content relevant on a regular basis

Lead Generation and Capturing

The best way to capture leads is to engage with your users. Developing relationships through email and social media are two of the most common ways leads can be captured or nurtured. Using email marketing automation software is helpful in organizing your contacts. The software gives you easy access to each prospect, along with contact information. Marketers can be much more productive using software that puts all contacts in one place and lets them learn about each customer's individual needs.online-traffic-nurturing.png

One of the important ways to increase the odds of online traffic is to create content that connects with your local audience.

Be Mobile Friendly

Keep in mind that a growing number of internet users spend most of their time on mobile devices, so make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Remember that mobile users usually are the most ready to make purchases and set up appointments. 

Automate Your Online Traffic

Hubspot is a leading marketing automation platform for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to make social media posts as well as construct newsletters that can be sent to all your followers. It's a convenient platform for collecting information and analyzing your market. Hubspot's website provides plenty of valuable free tips as well.


Inbound Marketing companies who use Hubspot can also help you keep track of influencers on social media that can expose your message to a wider audience. With so many aspects to inbound marketing, you can see why its best to hire a marketing company to handle your entire campaign strategy.


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