Why Dental Marketing Is No Longer A Luxury

Posted by Digital Standout on Feb 24, 2016 3:03:55 PM
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There are countless reasons why you should be using online dental marketing to promote your practice. Most consumers are using the web as their sole form of research when choosing new dental health providers.

If your practice doesn't have a solid and appealing online presence, you're guaranteed to miss out. Following are several reasons why dental marketing is no longer a luxury.


This Is One Of The Cheapest Forms Of Outreach

Surprisingly, most options in web-based outreach are entirely free. Moreover, if you structure your dental marketing plans wisely, your paid marketing efforts will maintain symbiotic relationships with the free ones, thereby producing exponential returns. From creating and writing a blog, posting timely and valuable content, building a link profile and engaging with patients via social networking sites, you'll have the best ability to proactively promote your business while conserving your marketing dollars.


Inbound And Outbound Marketing Techniques

Dental marketing comes in two basic forms. These include inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is any massive effort that you make to tell a broad range of consumers about your services. This could be sending out a mass mailing or posting a banner ad on a general website. Compared to the costs of these endeavors, the returns are rarely worthwhile.

dental-marketing-banner-ads.jpgConversely, inbound dental marketing is a targeted appeal that is made in pursuit of a select group of consumers who are already in search of your services. Inbound marketing costs a lot less in most cases and it tends to be much more effective. With inbound marketing strategies, you're basically giving people the information they need and with perfect timing.


Proactive Reputation Management Is Essential

All companies are subject to negative online feedback. This is even true for dental health providers that do not have their own websites, blogs or other web-based platforms for outreach. Inbound marketing strategies that are well-designed and properly implemented can actually boost your commercial image and protect it. By providing consumers with high-value information, helping them solve problems and engaging in a personable and meaningful way, you'll be building both credibility and trust. Thus, the reputations of well-marketed dental practices are a lot more difficult to tarnish.


Recognize Consistent Profits

In every industry, generating sufficient profits is the first and most important part of succeeding. Working with a seasoned marketing agency will allow you to:

  • Build better relationships with your existing patients
  • Educate consumers about the need for your services
  • Offer high-value deals that incite instant conversions
  • Bolster and improve your practice reputation
  • Generate consistent profits by retaining more of your loyal patients and converting new ones


Inbound marketing is perfect for all dental practices, no matter the size. By giving your potential patients a way to educated themselves as well as being able to engage with them on a more personal basis, you build awareness that eventually leads patients through your office doors.

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