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Understanding the Basics of Inbound Marketing & Lead Conversion

lead-conversion-marketing-team.jpgEvery website that sells a product or service has a goal of attracting online traffic as a basis for lead generation.

The trouble is, many site owners, whether they are doctors, lawyers or other professionals usually must concentrate on their business and don't have time to deal with web activity on their own. Working with an experienced web marketing team to increase lead conversions to sales is the key to online success.

Where Leads Come From

Leads can come from online or offline sources. The advantage of online leads is that they cost much less since they are not necessarily the result of any type of advertising. Your site might have high visibility in search engines due to its authoritative content.lead-conversion-ppc-ads.png

Leads can also come from pay-per-click advertising, which is much more cost-effective at reaching a target audience than through traditional media channels. Both offline and online leads might come from personal referrals.

Sales Funnel Strategies

Your sales funnel is what makes inbound marketing so effective at bringing you new clients. If your site is built on strong content and SEO that drives visitors to your landing pages, then you are in a great position to generate new leads.

lead-generation-content-creation.pngThe sales funnel consists of the content that your target audience is searching for, in which you must guide them through knowledge sharing toward your call to actions. The idea is more to their answer questions through interesting content, which can be comprised of blogs, articles, Q&A pages, videos or whatever you think will be compelling about your business. Some of the ways your site can maximize lead conversion include:


  • Keeping paragraphs short so text is easy and quick to read
  • Using a consistent storyteller narrative with colorful relevant visuals
  • Offering short simple forms
  • Providing client testimonials
  • Implementing an online chat system for landing pages

Lead Conversion Techniques

lead-conversion-social-media-links.pngYou will gain a huge advantage by providing links to your social media profile, where your sales team can interact with prospects, preferably in real time. The quicker you respond to email, social media or phone inquiries, the better your chances will be for lead conversion. Your best chances at conversions are when you respond from within seconds to an hour after receiving the query. 

Developing Relationships

Converting leads is often the result of nurturing them over time. An interested follower of your site may want to develop a relationship with you before making an appointment. Meanwhile, your warmest leads will likely need your help more sooner than later.

Talking with them on the phone after initial social media or email exchanges will increase your odds at conversions. Face to face communication will increase those odds even more. 


 While every business has its own unique characteristics, the key to lead conversion for almost any website is to provide a wealth of information that users can research. Then make sure they can interact with the site so that you or your team can capture and nurture leads. Follow-up is essential for healthy lead conversion. 


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