Great Tips For Finding The Right Social Media Marketing Companies

Posted by Digital Standout on Aug 10, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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social-media-marketing-companies-management.jpgExploring social media marketing companies is an effort that can be time-consuming.

Consider the following criteria so that you end up with talent that accelerates, instead of inhibits your operation.


Commitment To Your Business

One of the first factors to pay attention to when interviewing social media marketing companies is the degree to how well they know or want to learn your industry. Many managers who are not familiar with the multiple aspects on online marketing tend to skip past the evaluation checkpoints that include the following:

  • Communicate skill levels
  • Ability to comprehend business models and plans
  • Creative talent that makes social media posts attractive
  • Social media marketing track record of success

Ultimately, you need to know if the social media expert has your best business interests in mind by providing efficient and productive work that generates desired results (traffic, interaction, leads, conversions).

social-media-marketing-companies-experts.pngLook for clues as to whether social media marketing companies inquire about your business and if they have enough curiosity and determination to help you meet your goals. Beware the firms with client lists so long that minimal attention is paid to each client.


Access To Resources

Another major consideration involves both the quality and quantity of resources that the marketer can bring to the table. Ask what type of platforms or tools the company uses to enhance social media engagement, leads and conversions. If they use HubSpot tools, chances are they have many ways to measure success and orchestrate campaigns. Ideally, they use marketing software that allows them the efficiency to syndicate marketing content across multiple social media profiles, if you have more than one. 

You should find out the marketing firm's level of expertise by asking questions about which social media platforms work best for your type of business. Be aware that running pay-per-click campaigns on Facebook will give you maximum potential for reaching your target audience as quickly as possible with the help of the social media platform's customization tools. It's possible to run multiple low cost campaigns at one, targeting your various market sectors.


Ability To Evaluate Analytics And Campaigns

There are many ways to measure the success of your social media campaigns. It mainly depends on the specific goals you are attempting to achieve.

social-media-marketing-companies-analytics.pngFind out how well the team can use knowledge and experience to make marketing judgements based on various data that indicates user behavior and response associated with social media content.

Here are some of the many metrics that may define success for your campaigns:


  • Number of Facebook profile page "likes"
  • The amount of clicks your profile drives to your web properties
  • Quality of follower interactivity 
  • Quantity of referrals generated from social media engagement
  • Degree of influence over followers to download and install your apps
  • Number of positive comments that result in qualified leads


Time Availability For Social Media Interaction

You certainly want social media marketing companies to spend as much time as possible attracting new leads and answering questions posed by your followers. Remember that social media is becoming the new 24/7 customer service for many companies. The more quality engagement you generate, the more likely you will increase leads and conversions.

It's no longer a secret that consumers like fast answers to their questions when trying to build trust with the vendors that interest them for a series of purchases. If you respond to social media questions within a matter of seconds or minutes, for example, you are on track to competing on a significant level. Always keep in mind that social media followers are just clicks away from alternatives.


Make sure you choose imaginative talent ready to encourage your followers to like and share your posts. Finding a social media team who understands what it takes to create a campaign that will convert to leads is crucial. Following the tips above will give you an edge up when it comes to finding a marketing company that knows what it's doing.


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