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Tips For Online Traffic Lead Generation for Medical Practices


online-traffic-medical-professional.jpgLike any other business, medical professionals must grow their client base in order to survive in a competitive marketplace.

Many physicians, dentists, clinics and hospitals are still marketing the old fashioned way; they take out display ads in the yellow pages or newspapers or they send out direct mail flyers. In order to effectively expand your practice, it is imperative that you embrace online marketing

To that extent, inbound marketing should be the cornerstone of your online marketing efforts. This will allow you to attract the right type of clients, convert them into qualified leads and nurture them along the path until they become patients.

Inform And Educate First

Many people are reluctant to visit a doctor, dentist or clinic because there is so much they don’t know.

online-traffic-educating.jpgThey are often times afraid to find out if there is anything medically wrong with them. You can alleviate a lot of this fear (and gain trust) by providing valuable, relevant information to the readers of your blog (you do have a blog, right?). 

Become A Resource For People In Your Community!

online-traffic-dentist.jpgIf you are a dentist, for example, you could provide information on oral hygiene, preventative care and any news on dentistry and other dental procedures. Set up a “Q&A” section where you can answer direct questions that your readers may have.

By doing this you will be seen as a trusted voice in the community and your readers are more likely to patronize your practice than your competitors.

Online Traffic Lead Generation Through Digital Marketing

As your readers consume more and more of your content, you can easily identify those that are most likely to be in need of your services. Going back to our dentist example, a person who downloads a report on the benefits and types of teeth whitening is most likely in the market for that type of service.

You can then follow up with more detailed information and move the potential client along the decision making process. By continually engaging the website visitor, you will be in an advantageous position when it is time for the person to choose a dentist.

Create and Delight Clients

Your online marketing efforts do not stop once you have a new client. You should continue to use inbound marketing to delight them and turn them into evangelists for your practice.

online-traffic-delight.jpegContinue to send them valuable information and offers that pertain to their procedure by email, posts on your social media pages and on links to your blog.

In the case of our teeth whitening patient, for example, you could send a tip or guide foods to avoid or products to use to keep their teeth white. The more time and effort you spend engaging with your clients, the more they will sing your praises to their friends and family.

Inbound marketing can be very warm and personal if done right. It’s not a “hard sell” but more of a consultative approach by aligning your prospects with content and information they are most likely to want to read. Inbound marketing has become one of the most effective methods of expanding any healthcare related practice and it should be considered as part of your overall online marketing strategy.



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