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Inbound Marketing Tools: The NOT So New Marketing Kid On The Block

Inbound_marketing_toolsInbound marketing has been around for a few years and remains the most effective method for lead conversion. It focuses on quality content and has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity as the same objective is in align with Google search engine SEO requirements, the main search engine utilized today.

The content itself should be a natural magnet for your targeted audience that culminates in lead conversion. Review the theory behind inbound marketing and the inbound marketing tools that you can start using today.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is about creating content that your audience will love and share. Inbound marketing appeals to your audience and qualifies prospects resulting in conversion of leads and customer delight. The content is posted in the right place when your prospects are looking and is useful to customers. inbound-marketing-tools-pop-ups.jpegThey are not interrupted by unrelated pop-up ads or have to x out of advertising that prevents them from fully reading desired materials. The idea is to help, not annoy, interested parties. Making sharable content means that companies tap into the community surrounding each engaged party and viewers become promoters of your brand and message. Inbound marketing begins with the ability to attract an audience, engage them in the conversation, funnel interest to lead conversion and generate a group of promoters.

Inbound Marketing Tools

You may have already begun developing a marketing strategy that implements these marketing tools or your focus may be on outbound marketing, ignoring the long-term benefits of some simple techniques that will optimize customer engagement and conversion rates. Look to working in some inbound marketing outreach to create community and loyal brand ambassadors.

Like A Moth To A Flame

inbound-marketing-tools-moth.jpgBe irresistible. Blogging is the first of the inbound marketing tools that work to attract your customers. Creating educational content on a blog is the best way to attract visitors. Customers use search engines to find desired items or to address a problem. SEO is used in the development of content, landing page and search engine optimization and utilization of analyzed keywords to be seen when they are searching. Website pages are your face to the virtual world and you need to have a user-friendly, responsive interface addressing how your company can help them. Social publishing with a multi-channel approach allows you to create a following and engage with prospects and customers alike wherever they may be. Promote conversations between those thinking of purchasing and converts and promoters. People will listen more readily to their peers than any other form of paid marketing.

Building Leads

They say that “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Build that thirst. Inbound marketing tools such as forms, opt-ins for free downloadable, calls-to-action placed within key areas on landing pages and a tracked and segmented email database of your contacts help to bring them closer. Emails allows for a follow-up series that converts. Work those emails with a follow-up series that generates lead conversion.


Reflect upon and review your strategy to generate high lead conversion rates. Learn about the best strategies and channels that resonate with your audience by using inbound marketing tools.

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