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Email Marketing is still the King of Lead Conversion!


Despite everyone currently talking about the social media marketing frenzy, it's important to remember what works in terms of prospect acquisition and lead conversion when you're studying the array of inbound marketing tools available for your digital marketing campaign.

Email works, cut and dried. Why? Though social media is hot with many of today's up-and-coming business professionals, it's the generation of decision-makers and the small focus of a well-designed email campaign that often keeps businesses rolling.

Prospect Capture

Though social media is hot, many of the people who "like" a page don't necessarily follow it closely. They don't come back to the page over and over to check what the latest deals are or why a particular product or service trumps another. By comparison, businesses who offer an email newsletter get prospects who are actually serious about making a purchase. If social media is the place people grab quick snippets of news on the internet, email is the private place they take it all in and study what they've been sent.  Make sure you put time into your website design and development as well so prospective clients have something visually appealing to look at!

Email Marketing Results

Why is email a better vessel for your marketing campaign? “Email is the thoroughbred in many marketing portfolios. Newsletters are resurging, the death of email has been inaccurately reported,” Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard stated in a recent Fortune interview.

lead-conversion-emails.pngThe number of email user accounts are several times that of Facebook and Twitter user accounts combined, and there are even more emails sent than online searches on a daily basis. Bard also noted that for every dollar spent in email marketing, an average of $44.25 is generated in revenue.



Tips For Designing A Comprehensive Email Campaign

How do you design an email campaign that creates lead conversion? Here are a few tips to put your inbound marketing tools to the best use:


Make a plan. This advice goes beyond using your email for lead conversion and applies to all your inbound marketing tools. Spend some time planning, and set aside at least an hour a week, preferably broken up every few days, to review and examine exactly where your campaign needs to be tweaked to get the best possible results.

Build your subscription list so you can make the best use of your inbound marketing tools. You can do this by offering a giveaway document, such as a guide or video, or you could set up a newsletter subscription form on your website to keep in touch with your prospects.

Don't forget to include lead conversion in your email campaign in the form of a call to action. Once you finish sharing the information in your email or newsletter, remember to ask the prospect to contact you if they need more details or include a link to a particular product on your website you've promoted in the email.


Encourage a conversation. Don't preach at your audience, make them think. Even better, create a teaser and ask them to continue the conversation at your website link you've provided.


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