7 Questions To Ask When Looking For A Medical Marketing Agency

Posted by Digital Standout on Jun 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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medical-marketing-agency-questions.jpgWhile there are plenty on online marketers to choose from to help build, maintain and promote your web presence, the best match for any medical facility is a medical marketing agency.

Here are questions to ask when you are interviewing marketers about their qualifications.


1. To What Extent Has Your Agency Worked With Other Medical Businesses?

You're bound to find a marketing agency that has worked with physicians. By narrowing down your list of candidates to agencies that already understand the medical industry, you won't have to spend much time educating them about your business.


2. What Online Marketing Strategies Work Best To Attract New Medical Patients?

medical-marketing-agency-inbound-marketing.jpgEvery website needs quality search engine optimization (SEO) that ensures relevant keywords connect with users. Your web content will need to be authoritative and original to show up in search engines.

Other strategies for building traffic include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media engagement. 


3. Can You Create A Blog That You Will Update Frequently?

Blogging has become a primary method of showcasing authoritative content that attracts users, as it is favored by Google and other search engines. Every credible medical marketing agency understands that blogs need to be comprehensive, interactive and updated frequently with fresh information.


4. How Effective Are Your SEO Strategies In Terms Of Getting High Search Rankings?

It sometimes takes several months for search robots to pick up on new web pages unless you run a news site. While Google uses over 200 factors to determine search results, the easiest way to view effective SEO is to stay focused on developing premium web content that satisfies what your target audience is searching for.


5. How Long Will It Take For You To Attract Followers Through Content Marketing And Social Media?

medical-marketing-agency-content-marketing.jpgEven though it takes most sites several months or years to develop an online following, a medical marketing agency should be able to use its experience to achieve better results. In many ways it's faster to build a following through social media, which can drive visitors to your landing pages.


6. What Marketing Tools Do You Use?

Various marketing tools such as customer relationship management systems and marketing automation software can help accelerate your goal to generate and organize leads. These platforms can be used to develop content that can be distributed through email, social media and other marketing channels. 


7. May I Get A List Of Medical-Related References That Can Verify Your Success?

Any successful medical marketing agency should be able to refer you to clients who are satisfied with their efforts. If not, keep searching until you find one that's eager to impress you and has nothing to hide. 


When it comes to online marketing, there are basics that work across all industries for generating leads. Make sure the agency has strong communication skills by requesting writing samples or links to their best work. It's also important that the agency stays up to date on the latest web trends in terms of content, marketing and technology. 


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